First Day of my baby’s school!
Here is Asher running to get to the school doors where the teacher comes out to collect the kids.
Mixed feelings!

Well I made it through… the first day of Pre-School that is. Asher was so excited about going and I was excited to have a little time to myself. I wasn’t sure how I’d do dropping him off but thought it would be fine, but low and behold here come the waterworks as my baby hugs me and yells “bye Mommy” and trots off with the other kids! All the way home, too. But once home and the hubs went to work, silence truly is golden. I had forgotten what it was like! Oh my I am going to adapt very quickly! haha  As a matter of fact this is the 2nd day of school (he only goes 3 days a week) and I am grinning ear to ear as I have the place to myself… granted only for 2 and a half hours but hey! Well, actually only about a hour and a half if you count driving time, but I am enjoying the silence. Next year for all day Kindergarten may be a different story!

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