3 chicken paintingsHere they are! 3 chickens. I didn’t paint them as colorful as I had planned but sometimes the painting just has different ideas than I do, so I go with what the painting tells me to do. If only I listened to my husband as much, he says. Hah! Dream on.

I almost put in greens and blues for the background but decided against it. I’m happy with how they pop off the white and I think they make a handsome little set. I’m thinking of framing them, what do you think? Or should I just paint the edges. I hate to see them split apart if they sell individually and may sell them as a set.

I imagine the 2 outside roosters vying for the attention of the coy hen in the center, notice her flirtatious expression? haha… my paintings tell me stories all the time about themselves.

I’ll have these along with Vincent and Tropical Getaway for sale and in my shop very soon. I think the chickens would make lovely note cards as well.

*Day 15 of 30 Days of My Life 

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