Wow summer is plowing through, isn’t it? A week after school let out and we’ve been to Florida for vacation, came home and left for Tennessee for more vacation and came home in time to work on home improvement projects – mostly Studio Gardens which I’ll share soon. My husband takes most of his vacation during summer to spend time with our son and get things done around the house.

We enjoyed Independence Day with my dad. Daryl grilled burgers and Dad and Asher fished.


Happy 4th!

After Dad left, we decided to go to a friend’s house for his party, BBQ and fireworks show. That’s where we met him. The kitten. Asher was smitten.

orange tabby kitten

But I talked with our friends and it seemed as though the kitten was destined to be with them, as he had been a stray and just showed up at their house and didn’t leave. This was a special kitten. He wasn’t freaked out with all the people, noise and even the fireworks! He just sat there in my sons lap and looked around taking it all in. As we left we told our friends that if they decided to not keep the kitten, to let us know and that was that. I didn’t expect at all for them to give him up.

More life happens… and death. Sadly, our close friends lost their father (and father in law) just before Independence Day. We had a showing and another funeral to attend. By this time the kitten was nothing but a fun memory of the day. We ate at our favorite Chinese Food Restaurant after the funeral and this was my fortune:

Full moon fortune cookie

The next day, the day before the fullest moon, we sat and enjoyed a most spectacular moonrise at the riverfront as we ate pizza in our truck. The warm breeze was blowing and the river was smooth, it was really enchanting itself.

Full moon over Ohio River

The almost full moon over Ohio River in Mt. Vernon, IN

Today, the actual day of the full moon, I get a text. It’s from our friends that had the 4th of July party. He said if we still wanted the kitten to come and get him. Oh boy, here we go. I hadn’t really thought about bringing in another kitten to our home, but like I said this kitten is special. He seemed to really bond with my son Asher – even just in that short time.

Ever since Thunder went missing, Asher hasn’t really had a cat of his own. He is truly a cat person, too. I’ve tried. First there was Mocee who was supposed to be his. But she decided to imprint on Daryl, my husband. JuJu came along actually while we were still searching for Thunder. The woman who had her thought she also had Thunder (which she didn’t) but we ended up going back and getting her as she saw how much Asher loved her. However, JuJu turned out to be more of my kitty, although she does love Asher and will let him hold her and she will love on him.

So, I told our friend yes to the kitten. But I thought we’d wait until Monday so I could take it to the vet’s right away. Yeah that didn’t happen. Asher couldn’t wait. Dave (our friend) offered to bring the kitten to us and I said okay. I got to thinking back on fortune cookie. This evening did turn out to be enchanting with a kitten in the house again. He is so incredibly sweet. We named him Loki Le Roux, but Asher said it’s just Loki. haha… I like catchy long names so I’ll call him Loki Le Roux or maybe even Roux Roux because I have nicknames for all my fur babies.

In our home and hearts now

orange tabby kitten

Kitty toes!! So sweet.

orange tabby kitten sleeping

Destined to be life long companions

paintings by Jaime Haney

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