I’m struggling to decide what all to share and I’m wondering whether or not I can post for 30 days of not. I’m also questioning why I should. Maybe it’s just me being tired and somehow changing my posting routine to evening again, which is not a good idea, or maybe I just am feeling that there is a reason I usually only post when the mood strikes. I kinda feel like it’s only shallow uninteresting stories that I have to share posting when I’m not really all that enthused.

I do have a funny story to share though. My son, Asher, had lost his first tooth a few months ago and the gap in his mouth is something I don’t notice anymore. Well, his grandma came up to see him this past weekend and she noticed that his gap was bigger and he had lost his 2nd tooth! I didn’t notice is was gone and Asher hadn’t said anything about it being loose! I guess he ate it, hahaha. He’s rather ticked now when I told him the Tooth Fairy had a very strict policy of “no tooth, no cash”. I’m know, I’m terrible. I told him finally that I’d give a little money since he was snubbed by her.

Below is a letter Asher wrote to the Tooth Fairy on his own. Yep, this one is going in my keep forever box.

Asher's letter to the Tooth Fairy

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