I’m coming along with my abstract dinosaur that I’m painting for an auction to benefit CMOE (Children’s Museum of Evansville). I’ve got several hours in on it so far and I’ve got quite a few more I think. There was lots of intricate work that has got my neck muscles screaming and my eyes crossing! I’ve got more shading to do and I’m going to do something a little special to it that you’re gonna have to wait to find out what it is 😉

All the paint except the black is metallic. The pictures aren’t picking up on that much, but I really like the effect. I’m fairly happy with the way it’s looking but you know how it is, things are always just a little different in your head. Well, my head at least.

I know I’m getting off subject here, but did anyone catch that new show on FX called “American Horror Story”? Wow. I’m liking what I’ve seen so far. It was made just like a movie and kept my eyes glued on the TV! Does anyone else think the gimp was the ghost guy that burned his family or possibly the creepy patient of Ben’s? Freaky! I love it! They’ve picked a great cast, with Jessica Lange playing a great role (as usual) and eye candy Dylan McDermott with semi nude scenes (which doesn’t offend me in the least!) since he basically looks like Michelangelo’s David. It’s not for kids at all, but if you love a good scare, I think this will fit the bill. It comes on every Wednesday evening.

Does anyone have any advice on going from a 2 column to a 3 column? Blogger has changed so much, that the info I’ve seen seems outdated now. I want to make my own header and possibly background. Any help or links would be appreciated =)

Happy Paint Party Friday gang! Visit all the artists as you can…
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