To try and stay loose with my painting, I like to create these small abstract nature studies on paper. I call them smalls. It’s not always as easy as it looks.

Making marks on paper for the first part of my abstract nature studies.

First, I started with mark making, then paint sploshing and swishing, carving into wet paint with the end of my brush handle and smudging and all around mess making. It’s like trying to capture the essence of being a child again, with that determination of nothing but having a good time. They’re fun and sometimes a hot mess. However, I have to trust the process. Usually, I get a few really good ones that I like. In the end, I’m really happy with how a lot of these turned out.

Painting leaves and stems on paper.

In the photo above, I was already liking where this was going. I’m a sucker for leaves, branches and trees. And, I liked the burnt orange color paired with the dark navy blue (Prussian Blue).

Abstract nature studies on my painting wall before I pull the tape to reveal all the different painting studies.

So above, that’s the hot mess I was referring to. But something magical happens when I remove the masking tape. Finally, I cut them apart and wow.

Cutting apart the paper abstract studies.

Somehow, little abstract nature paintings appear and to my eye look great. Loose and free. Simplistic and not overthought or overdone. These are mostly 6″x6″ pieces on paper. They’ll look so great matted and framed. I’ll leave that to the lucky buyer.

This first one I’m showing is number 6. I don’t think I’ll title each one individually. After all, they are just studies. What a study means to me is that I created multiple loose paintings in hopes of finding a really good one that speaks to me. Maybe then, I’ll take that painting and use it as inspiration for a larger piece.

Finished nature study #6.

I will use the name of the series though as part of the title. I consider this large sheet of watercolor paper (24×22″) and all the little pieces from it a series. So with that in mind, below is called Abstract Nature Study number 7. I’ve even organized them further by color for my files. This is Orange, Navy Gray Abstract Nature Study. But that might be a bit long for a title.

Finished nature study #7.

Below is number 9.

Finished nature study #9.

Finally, here’s number 14.

Finished nature study #14.

It’s much easier to loosen up when you’re not really trying to loosen up. So I love these studies for that reason. Plus, I think they might do well at some upcoming shows including my Pop Up Gallery I have this month on the 28th. The price is just right for gift giving or collecting several to gang up on your wall.

Abstract nature studies in orange, navy blue and gray shown in frames and on the wall.


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paintings by Jaime Haney

Learn more about me on the ‘About’ page under the additional links menu. I’m an artist – a painter mostly and an avid gardener. I paint a variety of subjects including birds, koi fish, my gardens, ponds and flowers as well as anything having to do with nature especially trees and tropical scenes. I also enjoy painting abstracts and have started created more and more of them. My most favorite thing to try to achieve in my painting is is mystery and telling mystical stories.

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