Happy Friday evening! I’ve just been reading some of my favorite artist blogs and have to recommend this one in particular to all my artist friends or anyone that is feeling creative (and I think we are all creative beings!).

It’s Lindy Gruger and her blog and art called L. Gruger Whimsical Art and Travels Blog. She has in particular a 5 part series called “One Artist’s Journey” and I think it is really interesting to learn about the lives of people and how they arrived to where they are in life now. I’ve humbly suggested her to put the series on a single page to make it easier to move from one part to the next but it isn’t really hard to find the next installment. So if you get a chance and want to read about the decades of an artist’s life, start here. There are a lot of beautiful paintings and it’s an interesting read that shouldn’t take more than 30 minutes.
I commented to Lindy that I just realized that I am almost 40 and have not journalized my life really at all. She has inspired me to do that. I see the importance of chronicling your life as an artist and want to partake in that more routinely. Even though I’ve thought of my blog as a sort of journaling, I want to have something just for myself to see how I’ve evolved.

Have a great weekend. ~Jaime
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