Howdy all! I’m BACK!! and still exhausted… ha ha. Now I’m jumping from the frying pan into the fire as my mom used to say. I’ve got my first show in almost a year under my belt and feeling great! I’m now on a hot deadline to get my heirloom tomatoes seed sown like today! ok, probably tomorrow since it’s like almost midnight here. I’m having a record sales in that department. I had to go buy more supplies like pots and soil today. I’m up to 245 tomato plants.
My new business partner, Gale, was a blast to be at the show with. We cackled and had a great time the whole day. It started out pretty good, I didn’t oversleep… I only got 2 hours sleep because I was just trying to get “one more thing out… ! ” I’m sure a lot of you will know what I mean on that! Luckily, the stuff I stayed up so late on was the first to sell. And speaking of sell. I was so pleasantly surprised at what great and encouraging comments we received all day on our work. We were just beaming.
Well back to the start… it was an hour from my house and close to that from hers. We were going to meet at Burger King for breakfast. I was doing good… only 15 min. behind schedule (I’ll be late for my own funeral) and we are calling each other back and forth. She is so funny… she calls me when she gets great ideas and this time she was singing again on the phone to me from the paper towel she had just written some new song lyrics to. We hang up and I call my best girlfriend cause she just got off her midnight shift to say hi and Gale beeps in… “Jaime! you are not going to believe was just happend!” turns out her old truck which was carrying our very big wooden display busted something and water was everywhere and now not running. Luckily she was in the parking lot already. So I had to think fast… I got back on with Kelly and she made a quick 2 mile or so jaunt to us and we transfered the display to her old truck and made it to the show with time to spare. We didn’t get our breakfast but Yay! they had donuts for the vendors Yippee! So we were sugar buzzing while we put up our work and jabbering the whole time. I told her amongst the many times I would lose something that she didn’t know she was in business with such a flake.
But the day flew by and we were successful and we are all excited about doing it again. I slept so good the next day and my husband even let me sleep in. aaahhhh heaven!
I’ll post pictures soon. I didn’t really think to get many but I did get a few of our display.
Thank you all for your super encouraging thoughts and words…. they all worked!!
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