That’s me, always a student. I love to learn new things and I think education is totally wasted on the young… lol. Well maybe just higher education. I am a student of LIFE. Sometimes a student of Hard Knocks. A lot of the times an accidental student.

I’ve been learning a lot lately. In more than one way, too. More traditionally I’ve been learning through, which is a subscription type service which is so cool and really helpful. You can pay for a months worth of learning time ($25) or a year long subscription ($250). One heck of a deal. Either way, you watch these educational videos (as many times as you want for the length of your subscription) on the subject (mostly computer related programs that I’ve found) of your choice. I’ve taken an online course before to learn a web page layout program through the local college here and I feel I learn a lot better with (a lot better? is that right, maybe I need to take English over!) All the videos I’ve watched so far have been easy to understand and hear and see. If you’re wanting to learn a new program or learn more about an existing program you already use, this is the way to go. You can watch the videos 24/7. If you think you might be interested check them out and also on youtube, you can find some free videos to get a feel for how they are.
I’ve just completed a course on Twitter and Facebook of all things and let me tell you what guys… if you are using your blog, facebook and twitter account to help drive potential clients to your “shop”, then you can really benefit from watching this group of videos. There is a wealth of knowledge there, stuff I didn’t know about or how to use. It was very helpful and there were a lot of links I got from the instructor that will help educate me even further. I even spiffed up my twitter account and customized it, go check me out and please… follow me on twitter!
I had to post this picture of Asher playing his new harmonica I got him for his birthday. I have more fun with it than he does, who knew? now I may try to learn to play!
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