So you guys saw my sketch of the angel wrapping her wings around a woman yesterday. Today I worked a little more on it, ok quite a bit more on it and now I think I’ve over worked it! Grrrr! I hate it when I do that. I questioned before whether I should have the woman in there and decided to try to make a go of it. (I’m drawing this for one of the projects Gale and I am working on. She wrote an angel poem and wanted to see something like this for it.)
I was pretty happy with it at first and now, it’s kinda slid down hill. Through the magic of Photoshop, happily I can possibly fix this for the use it was intended if I had drawn her a tad smaller. My new scanner won’t get all of her in it! Darn it! Plus, I not only overworked it, I might has well drawn a giant bulls eye on the one thing I wanted to downplay and that was the woman. I put her in a bright blue sweater of all things!!!!! What was I thinking? I was going for a subtle black and white version at first and then wammo! I get out my colored pencils and go temporarily insane, all the while trying to fix her into looking not so shoddy. Abort mission.
The funny thing is, all the while I’m doing this and making mistakes I’m thinking in my head *command z*… dang! not in real life it won’t. I’m kinda crazy like that. Have you ever been doing something like… I don’t know… say driving… and you make a wrong turn and think *command z* ? You know you’ve been working on the computer too long when…. haha
I’m starting to scare myself. Maybe I need some downtime. I think I’ll go pour a glass of decaf diet coke, cozy up with my cat and watch my last 2 recorded episodes of The Vampire Diaries and look at some man candy. I like the bad brother, he’s just so darn cute.
G’nite friends.
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