I’ve decided to do the Funk in the City art show in September again. I’ve done this show for several years now and it usually is pretty hot. I’m hoping we have a nice, warm but not too hot day with no rain for this show. Of course that’s not always the case, but I can put it out in the universe, right? I’ve requested to be near the fountain this year. I’ve not been happy with my location the last couple of years, so I’m hoping I get a good one this year.

Haynie's Corner fountain

Haynie’s Corner fountain

I’m happy to announce I’ll have lots of new paintings for this years show and I’ll also have new works on paper that I’ll be selling. The works on paper is new for me, so I’ll see how they go. Here’s one you might remember.

Abstract painting of a woman dancing with a green scarf in the Celebration of Life

Celebration of Life

This year, the show promoters have tried to make the outdoor art show better than it’s been the last few years. I have to admit, it had been going downhill. They were letting a lot of crafts and flea market items in the show to fill it up I’m guessing. It has always been strictly an Art Show, but the last few years they’ve really stretched that term. So this year they’ve introduced new rules and I hope they’re enforcing them.

Also new is it has become a juried show with 1st, 2nd and 3rd place prizes for a People’s Choice Award. The cash would be great to win! They also have one Best of Show Award ($400!) voted on by the jury committee. The People’s Choice Award will be won by votes from the audience. Each person will get a ticket at the gate to vote for their pick at the information booth. All artists will have a booth number and that’s what will be recorded. I don’t know my booth number just yet, but I’ll post it as soon as I do!

There is also sad news to announce. The gallery that has many of my paintings in it, Stac Gallery, has closed its doors. They’re saying they’ll be open for special events but I’m going this week to pull my artwork out. It’s very hard to make it as a small business these days, especially galleries. I hate to see them shut their doors, they are very nice people. Maybe they’ll give it another go in the future. The arts district near where they are is slowly growing, so maybe there is hope. Stac is where I was having Lunch and Learns, get-togethers with other artists and I miss it terribly.

Well I have a lot I want to share with you as far as this past summer, but I’ll have to post it later. Come back soon! Oh and I’ll be adding Funk in the City to my events page soon with more information as soon as I get it.

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