Today was just beautiful. It was almost like late summer here besides those pesky lady beetles buzzing around everywhere. Temperatures are so nice that the hubs rode his motorcycle into work today. Sounds of birds chirping, Asher laughing, tractors and combines in the distance working hard. Still, sadness has a way of creeping in and casting a shadow on everything even as the sun shines brightly and a gentle wind kisses my neck.

I cannot seem to make myself do much of anything besides mundane everyday tasks like cook and clean up. And I’m not doing a great job of those. I have a bunch of new ideas for some new creations to create but don’t feel much like making the effort. Sleeping sounds like the best idea that I can come up with. Do you ever feel like if you could just go back in time and change a few things that life might be a little bit better right now? It seems like I should be able to control what’s going on and make changes, but I can’t. Like waking up from a nightmare.
I have tried to update the way my blog looks. I took down the Halloween stuff and tried to add a little Fall stuff. I’m not really happy with my blog, but I’m not smart enough to make it the way I want it to look. I haven’t found any templates that I’m just crazy about either. Has anybody found some great looking templates?
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