It’s hard to believe it’s been two weeks since we’ve been home from our relaxing beach day vacation. Time sure flies. We actually did nothing but have wonderful days lounging at the beach.

Below is our first selfie of myself, my husband, my son and his girlfriend arriving at the beach.

just arriving at the beach from Indiana

It had been a long ride from where we had stayed the night in McDonough, Georgia. Which is about half way from our house. Traffic had been unreal and it rained about 80% of the trip. Hard rain. But we could relax now that we were here at the beach. And relax we did.

The first full day, we were all just so happy to be there it didn’t matter that we all seemed to have suffered jet lag from being squished in a tiny car together for hours. With gas prices so high, we thought we’d take our most economical car, my husbands Prius which is his work car. It paid off. We’d normally take my van but it would’ve probably been nearly triple the money.

Asher and Grayce digging in the sand on the first beach day

There was digging in the sand and walks on the beach along the ocean.

It was exciting to witness Grayce’s first time at the ocean. She had a great time and of course my son, Asher, was thrilled to have her join us.

My mother in law and her husband were there as well. Time is precious and fleeting with family. Sadly, my dad didn’t come along this year. Maybe next time.

walking on the beach

About mid way through the week, there was a full moon. I got a lot of photos with it, but I never can seem to get a good moon photo. I thought this was cute of Daryl and I. We’re showing our age. We’ve been married 28 years now.

Daryl and Jaime in Florida with full moon behind them

I got really lucky with this moon rise photo. We were staying on the 2nd floor and I just happen to look out as we returned from dinner. The resort next to us had a bar and it was all lit up and the dark blue sky and bright moon was just gorgeous.

spectacular night photo of the full moon over the ocean and the resort bar all lit up

Mostly we cooked in our condo. We only ate at two places this time: Pizza in Edgewater, Alberto’s which wasn’t as good as I had remembered and our favorite Breakers where they have the most awesome burgers. My favorite is the Hawaiian with pineapple and BBQ sauce. One of our favorites had closed down, Finger Lickin’ Chicken. I guess Covid and the slow down in business got them. We hated that.

Long, beautiful beach day after beach day. It was so relaxing. Here I am in my glamorous floppy beach hat. The wind was mostly too strong to wear it. I see my freckles popping out even with tons of sunscreen.

me in my black floppy beach hat

The very last morning as we left and the first sunrise I saw the entire week. We drove straight through this time and got home about 9 in the evening I think it was. It’s about a 13 hour drive plus stops for eating and the restroom. Isn’t that sunrise gorgeous? I don’t get to see sunrises very often, I’m a night person, but this was spectacular with the calm ocean and glass-like pool.

orange sunrise over the ocean and pool

We had a great beach day vacation, but sadly they never last long enough. I did read a book called “The Haunted: One Family’s Nightmare”. It was pretty good. I love to read about a good haunting.

My faithful sidekick Zoey, my studio dog was so happy to see us. The cats were actually glad, too. Plans for next year are already in the works. Did you take a summer vacation this year?

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spring floral paintings by Jaime Haney

A few paintings from Delights of Spring

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orange sunrise pin


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