So, ARE you a fly on the wall? Or do you like to be PART of the artist’s conversation?

Either way you like it, here’s your chance. Every Wednesday evening at 6:30 CST (7:30 EST 4:30 PAC) an art group that I’m a member of called Artists Kiss holds a “Twitter Chat”. We take about 30 minutes and have questions that we answer. It’s a real artist’s conversation! We share personal stories, triumphs and inspirations as well as art from each other. So far we’ve had 4 chats during the last 4 weeks, those being chats about:

  • Summer
  • Inspiration Between Artists and Authors
  • Virtual Art Show
  • and last night we had a chat that honored our Favorite Teachers. (below see the slideshow!)

I have meant to invite you all to join us earlier but it’s in it’s early stages and I’m just getting my bearings. But I feel confident now since we’ve had some very successful chats with good interaction and engagement from viewers and other artists who have joined. I’d be pleased if you joined us next week (Wed. June 18th) for our next chat which a little bird told me is going to be about art and how color, subject and mood affect your senses while viewing it. It’s going to be a good one! Won’t you join us or just watch the fun via using the hashtag #artistskiss as a search word.

Here’s an example of a post I made last night when asked :

“How has a teacher impacted your artistic life?”

Free Spirit

Obviously, Mrs. Schenk taught me a flair for the dramatic – God love her! (Her along with my mom!) It’s from this post I posted right before my 40th birthday a few years ago.

What’s this Artist Kiss all about?

Robin Maria PedreroArtists Kiss is an online art community created and formed by artist Robin Maria Pedrero. Her reputation is as such: Robin Maria Pedrero is an American artist, Grand Champion Best Artist in Florida of Baterbys Art Auction Gallery, FIM Florida Artist Hall of Fame, Artiste Wine label Artist and PSA signature member. All credentials aside, Robin is a wonderfully talented artist, sweet and helpful person who is extremely generous with her time, savvy with social media and I consider her my mentor and role model. If you haven’t seen Robin’s work, you’ve got to check it out… it truly is unique and breath-taking. I happened upon her site a few years ago and have been in awe ever since.

How do I join in on the conversation?

There are a few different ways really to see what’s going on. First, you can jump right in and engage with us by using Twitter. Find us with the above mentioned hashtag (#artistskiss). If you’re an artist and would like to join in and share your thoughts and/or art feel free! We hope to get this out and share with everyone we can, artists and collectors alike. Just remember to use the hashtag #artistskiss or we won’t see your tweet!

I just want to watch… (be a fly on the wall)

You can also watch the live action via a website called Just type in #artistskiss in the search field and it will bring us up (or use the link I just provided). You don’t need to have an account for either Twitter or Tagboard to watch the conversation, but you do if you want to comment or ask a question. Both websites are free to sign up for an account. If you happen to use an app like Tweetdeck or Hootsuite, you can also follow along easily using #artistskiss.

I can’t be there when you have the chat! Now what?

If your schedule doesn’t allow you to be online during our chats you can still see what was talked about and even view the paintings and artwork shared. You can even still interact with us by tagging us individually on Twitter. Our Twitter Handles (names) are on each tweet and I know all of us will respond to you as we check back with Twitter, (most of us get on daily). Through the website Tagboard you should be able to search for our conversations. Also, some of us are implementing a handy tool in the way of a website called Storify, me included. Storify allows us archive our chat and have in a format that you can easily read and view photos. I will make sure I always try to have a Storify created for you to read here on my blog and also on my Storify website account.

Available Artist’s Kiss Twitter Chat Archives:

6/11/14 Paying Tribute to our Mentors and Teachers

6/4/14 Our Virtual Art Show (all paintings included plus more on Pinterest)

The slideshow below is from this last chat 6/11/14 – You will see duplicate conversations here, many of the tweets get re-tweeted which means we want to share our Artist’s Kiss member’s tweet with our Twitter followers, so we “re-tweet” them. To those familiar with Twitter, this is old hat. Newbies, you’ll catch on 😉

Don’t forget next week’s chat! Wednesday, June 18th at 6:30 CST! I’ll have reminders here and on my various sites like Twitter, Facebook and G+

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