Asher and I at a chinese restaurant eating chicken on a stick

Now you see it… (chicken on a stick)

So it’s summertime here meaning days of shorts, swimming lessons, no shoes and no school. You can just feel the happiness in the air. What is it about summer that gives you that great feeling of freedom and memories from childhood? Summer to me brings back sweet memories and I hope it will for my son as well, one day.

But this post isn’t about the past, it’s about the present. What makes us happy? How do we know when we’re happy? How do we know when we’re not? Are we sure? Sometimes I can be happy and then moments later be not so happy, as I’m sure most of us experience.

Of course there are so many things that make me happy, like painting and gardening or a good hair day but one thing that makes me especially happy is knowing my son is happy. That is one thing I never understood growing up was why my mom was happy as long as I was. Now I have a child of my own, and now I understand.

How do I know he is happy? I know when he is happy because he so easily shows his emotions. That and he hums. I hear him humming all the time, while playing with his toys or right after I’ve said yes to something he wants or something he wants to do. It is a smile provoking sweet sound to hear that humming. It makes me feel even closer to my mom even though she isn’t here now. If she were her, we would both just smile at each other, knowing. And I would understand.

Now you don’t!

So while you can, make memories. Make summer memories, winter, fall and spring memories. Heck just make as many memories as you can because before you know it, the chance will be gone and all you’ll have is memories. Just like that chicken on a stick.

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