paper towels
Every time I walk through the paper towel isle, to of course purchase paper towels, I pause. Not in awe, or even to compare prices. Okay that’s a lie, I do compare prices. I stop and spend too much time there because I search through all the designs to pick out the best one I can find. Usually, they are not too great and I think if only I could draw out my own designs and have Sparkle or whoever print mine up, I’d be delighted in their ability to make my kitchen cohesive. But sadly, Sparkle isn’t knocking on my door. However, I have been buying one designer set I rather like with cute little coffee cups and also little chefs and plants, etc. I’m afraid I can’t remember the artist but I still feel a little gypped cause they only have about 2 or 3 different designs in the pack of 8. This year I got such a thrill out of seeing the really old paper towels that my grandma’s Christmas ornaments had been wrapped up in. They were all yellowed and kinda brittle. They had to be from around the late 70’s or early 80’s.


I’m just not a plain white paper towel kinda girl. The cheesey little designs make me happy. I have a bit of a paper towel phobia of sorts, too. No, I’m not afraid of them, but I’m afraid to use them up. I like to see a new full and plump roll on my black rod iron scroll like paper towel holder. I can’t believe I’m telling you this, but I’ve even been known to re-use paper towels. There I said it. I actually use regular kitchen towels to dry off my hands. But in the case of no clean towel present, I do occasionally reach for a paper towel. I dry my hands and then carefully unfold it and lay it across the dish drainer to be happily used again after it dries. Now my husband on the other hand uses paper towels with wild abandon… to my horror. He knows this too, and looks at me as he pulls off 2 or even 3 paper towels to dry off his mitts all the while with a wicked little smile as he tosses them in the trash while I stand helplessly unable to stop him. He gets way too much satisfaction out of that, too.
Even if I don’t think it’s clean enough to dry my hands again, I’ll still fold it and keep in on the counter to wipe up a spill or mess on the floor. Something that my son can make no problemo. I even have come up with what I think is very clever and good use of a whole paper towel. I cut them in 4’s to use to spread grease or to wipe up grease, as to not waste a whole towel. There’s a tip for ya. Here’s a better tip: snag all the napkins you can from McDonald’s and such while you’re there eating and bring them home to use for this purpose and keep your pretty ones full and happy on the roll! I have gads of these in my car, purse, etc. (and home). One time I had so many in my glove box that one somehow got sucked up into the venting system and made a horrible noise for a long time until hubby found it. Saving too many may some drawbacks.
I know, I know. I admit… I may have an itsy bitsy qwirk and maybe as my husband says a “fetish” for paper. I do have to save all my newspapers as well. Oh, and then there’s the cardboard thing I got going. You just never know when they may come in handy! I wonder if TLC has any openings for the Hoarders show?
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