Cook Mansion Art Exhibition Opening

Last Friday I had my art exhibit opening at Cook Mansion in Evansville Indiana. You may remember me talking about it here in this post.

Well, all said and done it went pretty well. I really didn’t know what to expect for such a non-traditional venue. Also, I screwed up a few things with the invitations. I got to see old friends and meet new ones. My heart was full of gratitude for all that made the effort to come out. I sold quite a few paintings and prints.

artist Jaime Haney at Cook Mansion
Jaime Haney (l) and friend Natalie O’Daniel (r) in the Parlor of Cook Mansion

I created an event on my Facebook art page but neglected to share it much so there wasn’t much interaction. So I decided to go ahead and make a new event using my personal profile and I invited what I thought was about everyone I knew.

Artwork of Jaime Haney shown in library of Cook mansion in Evansville Indiana
The library

Turns out, it was just the suggested people from Facebook. Jeesh. Don’t you love it how they think they know what you want all the time? Also, there are people that I know aren’t on Facebook and I know I missed some of them.

Original painting Throwing Magic by Jaime Haney
“Throwing Magic”

My friend and fellow artist Lori Rivera was supposed to be there for the art exhibit opening with her art as well. However, she wasn’t able to make it due to an emergency appendectomy. She has since recovered and will be joining me this coming weekend. We intend on showing our work at Cook Mansion all through the month of December, open only Saturday and Sunday from 3:30 – 6:00 p.m.

Original painting of a hiding fox at Cook Mansion in Evansville Indiana
“Misty Morn'”

Check out his antique book collection behind my paintings. Pretty impressive apparently. I heard many people during the tour ask the owner, Lucas Neuffer, where he obtained them all. Here and there is the answer.

small original paintings at Cook Mansion in Evansville Indiana
small original paintings – some available in my shop

Some of the small paintings seen above are already in my shop. I call those original miniatures as they are on small canvas and sometimes blocks of wood. I have a new section in my shop called Original Art $50 and Under. Check it out, it’s perfect to start a new collection or give as gifts. I’ll be adding more to the shop a little each day.

Blue angel wings painting on the mantle of the fireplace in the dining room of Cook Mansion in Evansville Indiana
Dining Room Fireplace

Above is the dining room fireplace. Isn’t it beautiful? I thought it was a perfect place for my newest paintings, the angel wings set in blue. I made three sets, one blue, one violet and finally turquoise. Each has a different vibe to them. I’ll be adding them to my shop soon if they don’t sell during the exhibit. Join my email list for special pricing on these for the month of December.

Angel Wings painting in the parlor of Cook Mansion in Evansville Indiana
Turquoise wings set shown in the parlor

So there are a lot of couches and settees. They actually made a perfect spot to lean my artwork. I didn’t want hang anything as it is plaster walls and while he had some hanging systems in the molding, it was just easier to place the artwork around like this.

Parlor of Cook Mansion in Evansville Indiana
The Parlor from the dining room

Here’s the parlor from the dining room. I moved the turquoise angel wings to the gentleman’s chest. When the sun goes down, it’s rather dark in the right hand corner. The chandelier that you see in the above photo is the only one left that is original. The rest were stolen. How sad.

New “old” ones were found as replacements, but not all of the chandeliers are in working order yet, he’s working on that. So much to do for the restoration. He really has come a long way though in the short three years he has owned the mansion.

Angel wings in Parlor
Violet Angel wings in Parlor
Sun Room/Conservatory at Cook mansion with artwork of Jaime Haney
The Sun room/Conservatory

Above is the conservatory. Lucas told me that’s very Victorian to say. I loved this room and if I lived here, I think I would make this my art studio. Of course it would also be packed with plants.

cook mansion sun room
Sun room or Conservatory

Here’s a shot I took from the conservatory into the dining room. I wanted to make room for all the people looking at my art that I had on the dining table. You know, give them a little space.

Also, notice the murals painted on the walls, they’re landscapes. And actually painted on canvas and the canvas is then used as wallpaper. Throughout the house canvas is on the walls as wallpaper over top the plaster. I’m told that was a very expensive way to adorn the walls, showing once again that this was indeed a showpiece house for the Cook family.

I guess that’s about it for the Art Exhibit Opening night photos. Thanks needs to be given to a friend of mine, Bill Miller. He is the photographer of most of these photos. I was a little busy and he was so kind as to let me use his.

Jaime Brannon Haney

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