I’m back and ready to yack! I am downloading 414 pictures from our Florida trip that we just got back from late last night. Actually, I’m surprised I only took 414. I kept thinking, I’m going to post something tonight while I was in Florida, but it just never happened. We kept busy and I was exhausted every night.  I apologize for just disappearing like that! I don’t like to announce we’re going on vacation for obvious reasons. I had all kinds of things I wanted to share, but it would in turn let it be known we were away.

It was an exhausting trip back, more than normal. We got caught in two traffic jams, one in Atlanta from roadwork and the other right before Chattanooga where there was a terrible wreck involving one truck hitting a bridge support. I’d say they added almost two hours to our normal 13 hour trip.

I’ve missed 2 Paint Party Friday’s and have missed reading all my favorite blogs so I’m ready to get back in the groove refreshed and ready to create some art! I’ve read some art books and eye candy magazines to recharge my creative batteries. But, right now I’ve got a lot to unpack and loads and loads of laundry to do so I’ll save my stories for now. But I’ll be back with my Florida thoughts and pictures 🙂  I know it’s just want everyone wants to hear about… hahaha!

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