My beach selfie

Last week, I spent a hard and laborious week with my feet in the sand. My family and I went to New Smyrna Beach Florida and enjoyed a relaxed, easy going vacation spent almost entirely on the beach. No Disney, no Sea World, just us, the waves, the sand and sun. It was really nice. I didn’t get sunburned (bad) until Thursday which is pretty good for me, as you see I practically glow in the dark.

my feet in the sand

My kid and husband built hundreds of sand castles and sand forts with moats and walls while I got the pleasure of not doing anything more than settling in with a good urban fantasy book that I actually got to finish while sitting under my beach umbrella. 🙂

Family selfie on beach

Here we all are. Just barely got my eye in the picture, haha. From left to right: Daryl (the hubs), Linda (mil), Asher (super kid), me (official picture taker).

Asher digging in the sand

Asher doing what he does best… digging in the sand. Beautiful pink and lavender skies over the waves.

New Smyrna Beach Florida sunset

Here is the condo we stayed at, The Islander Beach Resort, in New Smyrna Beach Florida with a gorgeous sky in the background.

The Islander Beach resort with a beautiful sky

One of the highlights of my trip was meeting in person some of my artist friends including one I consider my mentor, artist Robin Pedrero of Orlando. I belong to an art group called Artists Kiss started by Robin and I took the opportunity of being in Florida to try to meet up with as many Florida residents in the group as possible. Three were able to join me for lunch and good conversation. Here we are below: From left to right: Gail Peck, Jaime Haney, Robin Pedrero, Terri West.

Artist friends


Did you notice? I must not have gotten the dressing memo… hahah Look at them all coordinating!

More later about Florida and my artist friends 🙂


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