Woo Hoo I’m back in the Art Studio! With all the time I had during Christmas break from my son’s school, you would’ve thought I’d got a ton of stuff finished and new paintings and projects started. Nope. Not much was going on. Oh there was packaging of the paintings I’d sold and I did manage to do a little painting, but not nearly what I thought I’d be able to accomplish.

But that never really happens, does it? I think I’ve figured out why I have such a time management problem. I fail to correctly estimate how long things I need to do or accomplish actually take. Hmm… wow, only took me 45 years. Hah!

I get it honest, though. I remember my mom having timers around everywhere. She was notoriously late. I try really hard to not be late, but I’m rarely early. Usually, I am screeching in on two wheels to get to an appointment. This is something I’m hoping to improve upon for this new year.

That will require more organization.

No, a ton of organization. Skills, I don’t seem to possess.

I’ve actually thought of asking my friend Patti to come in to my home and help me figure out how to get a handle on this hoard home. Of course my art studio is just as bad. No, I take that back. It is soooo much worse. Her home is a place of relaxing and ease. Everything is put away. It looks fantastic and ready for guests anytime.

Me? I have to start hiding shit if I know someone is coming! Then, when they leave, do I put it back where it belongs? NoooOOoooo. I need someone walking behind me at all times, just to put things away that I got out.

Do you remember when my friend Dianna Ranger from Location Matters had a featured post about me and my art studio? It was so nice and neat looking. Surely and organized artist had temporarily inhabited my body. I’m such a fraud. Dianna wouldn’t want to see this. Ugh. I don’t want to either.

See my art table? I can’t even work until I get that cleaned off and everything put back in its spot. That’s a big problem for me, returning items to their spot.

messy work table of artist in the art studio

Oy vey!

I think I’m neglecting going back in there by writing about it. Maybe the magical Art Studio Fairy will appear while I’m writing and *poof* everything will be picked up when I go back in there. Not a chance, is there. Dang.

Well I guess there is only delaying it for so long. I have a painting on my easel waiting to be finished. I had a deadline in my head of today for that one. *sigh*

I better get back down there and get to it. Here’s one more shot of the art studio from a little further away, that way you can get the full scope of how bad it really is. Maybe I’ll shame myself into changing my ways. *cackles wildly*

Art Studio needing a tidying up

I’m not sure how I get anything done in there, but it does happen. My husband always says, if there is a flat surface around me, it’ll never be seen again. Poor him. Don’t feel too sorry for him, he’s no picnic let me tell you. 😉

Two  more things. But only one has to do with my art studio really.

One: Here’s something in my art studio that makes me happy

Art Angel by my friend Patti Blakeman

“Tattoo” my Art Angel Doll made by friend Patti Blakeman

Two: I wanted to start back up with my Artists Observations of the Day. I miss doing that. It helps me feel grounded to take a moment to stop and think of these ordinary little things that are in themselves sometimes so miraculous. So here goes.

“This Artists Observations of the Day”

Feeling of the day: Happy and looking forward to a new year of painting and planting!
I’m lovin’: the warm sunshine coming in through the windows on this early January day.
My view: many birds at the feeder I try to keep full for them.
I thought about today: how my time with my son has gone by in a flash, he’ll be 10 in March.
I miss: picking up the phone and hearing my mom say “Hi Baby”
Best thing I did today (so far): Water my greenhouse plants
Today I visited: Goodreads.com and updated the book I’m reading

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