Here are the pictures I took while I put on my Halloween make-up that I told you all I would share from this post. I love to get dressed up and I was fortunate enough to get invited to a costume party. I even made up a business card I handed out to everyone with a short description of what I was and a brief history of the Banshee. I always go overboard and I always go scary, that’s my shtick and I have so much fun making myself up. I have another visual tutorial of my Swamp Zombie costume from some years back and will post it sometime. Click image for slightly larger photos.

I didn’t let my kid see me like this, it would freak him out!

So here it is… sleep tight!

Banshee, female spirit part one
Banshee, female spirit part two
Banshee, female spirit part three and finished costume

If you would like a pdf of this tutorial (where you can see the photos larger) just contact me.

Till next time… Happy Halloween!!

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