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My Beach Crow Muse running around me

All last week I was at the beach. I know, torture right? LOL… What a relaxing way to spend your time. We try to go to Florida once a year and my favorite spot is perched there in my beach chair under my umbrella facing the waves, feet in the sand with a good book in my hand. This year did not disappoint. Only problem is that it’s gone in the blink of an eye.

Do you remember my crow and raven paintings and me going on and on about a series called “Nevermore”? Well, most of the paintings are still in my head but I may have gotten a feathered muse while on vacation. He was quite insistent. Everyday as I went out to my spot in the sand, my little feathered friend would show up. I think he is telling me it is time! I would talk to him and he would cock his head as if he understood every word. Maybe he did.

I got quite a few pictures of him and will share them in future posts. I think I’ll print them out and hang them in my studio to remind me of my Beach Crow Muse.

Sharing is caring!

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