Painting of distinguished raven wearing a purple top hatI finished “Beautiful Dreamer” today, all I need to do is varnish him. I had so much fun painting this whimsical distinguished gentlemen and I’m happy with how he turned out. He will be in my shop as soon as I get him varnished and good photos taken.

As I painted Beautiful Dreamer he evolved. I knew from the beginning when I got the idea to paint another raven that I wanted him to wear a hat but I as I sketched him out initially and then dropped in some turquoise paint I almost changed my mind. I’m glad I didn’t because I think the hat makes it. I also didn’t have intentions of the colorful abstract drippings in the background. I originally planned to just have a turquoise background with a white wash over it but the painting told me otherwise. I try to always listen to my intuition when it comes to my art. When I don’t, the art usually doesn’t work.

I kept adding little feathers here and there and then I noticed he started to look like an older, distinguished type of chap. So I added some “whiskers” with a touch of gray. He originally had black eyes, but that made him a little too devilish so I opted for the clear blue he has now. He’s a bit of a dreamer, too, and wears a fluffy white feather in his lavish purple velvet hat. I think I’ll call him Vincent.

UPDATE: Painting sold. If you would like to purchase a print click here to go to my shop.

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