Four Faces of The Tree – very old drawing from my sketch book

Things are in a weird state of being these days. I forget what day it is, I’ve been having crazy dreams and stuck in a bit of a funk. I dreamed this morning I was actually a man and I was in a large metal tub of dark purple dye. I knew that I had a mission and that I was an agent of some sort. There was another man in the room with me as I dyed my body but I couldn’t see anything but his silhouette. Now strange dreams are nothing new for me, but I don’t recall ever dreaming I was the opposite sex. I would lift my leg and arm and could hear the water trickle from them and see the deep purple liquid dripping. I was not above the tub as I am sometimes just an observer but I was in the correct perspective to be in the tub and looking up to this mystery man. The lights were dim and it was very light outside. I could see this from the cracks in the walls and small window behind the man. I was looking at my skin as it got darker and darker and I was pleased with the effect. I’m not sure where this came from because I was hooked on watching the bio channel last night and was watching the biography of Dolly Parton before I went to bed. I just love her.

Sometimes my dreams are definitely from something I had encountered or watched from the day but a lot of the time they are just off the wall. I actually go to bed hoping I’ll have some wild dreams since I get a kick out of them. Although I don’t like the dreams where I dream someone is trying to kill me. And sometimes I wake up freaking out about my son. I’ve had a few dreams where he was in danger and I’m extra cautious for a while. I do believe that our dreams are our sub-conscience mind mostly. But occasionally, I think something or someone comes to me in my dreams as a warning. I used to keep a dream journal when I was younger. As soon as I woke from the dream I wrote it down, as much as I could remember that is. Funny thing is sometimes something would happen later that day or even the next day that would jar a dream from my memory. Kinda like deja vu… which is another post for another day.

Enjoy your weekend friends.

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