I’m still on a high after my Big Sky painting class that I had the other night at Groff Library in Grayville, Illinois. This was my first public painting class and it turned out even better than I could’ve imagined.

Table set up and ready for painting students

Last week, I meant to post about it here on the blog and I don’t know what happened. It’s like time is a black hole. Life gets sucked into it, doesn’t it?!

Jaime Haney giving a creative pep talk to her students

I had planned on inviting people from my list and here on my site but I needed to let the library offer it to their patrons first. To my surprise, when I asked if I could share the painting class I found it had just about filled up and there was only one spot left. I went ahead and shared it on my Facebook page and within like an hour the last spot had been filled.

Jaime Haney demonstrating painting a sky on canvas

I’m not even sure how the weeks go by so fast. Surely, I’m not the only one who thinks so. The painting class went really fast, too.

students of all ages painting

Most of my students had enough time to finish their painting. I know this because I had a short questionnaire form for them to fill out and time was one of the questions.

Students finishing up their paintings

You may be familiar with the paint and sip type of painting classes where you sip wine as you follow along with an instructor that shows you step by step and stroke by stroke. Never having attended one of these myself, I’ve heard from other people about them. When I was coming up with my class, I didn’t want mine to be like that.

Jaime posing with her art students

Not that there’s anything wrong with that and I’m sure there’s people that enjoy that type of precise learning. But that’s just not my style at all. I want to give my students a little bit of foundation to work from and then I encourage them to use their own imagination to be free to paint whatever and however they want to. Letting them have creative freedom while giving gentle direction when they want it is more my style. I do think it was appreciated by most.

students proudly holding their finished paintings

I was amazed at how well everyone did. They jumped right in and used their artistic license to make wonderful, expressive paintings. I kept asking them are you having fun? Because painting is supposed to be fun. Challenging at times yes, but still fun.

students proudly holding their finished paintings

The painting class was a great success. It has certainly motivated me to think about what I’ll be teaching for my next one. Speaking of which, there may be one coming up in the fall. If you’d like to get informed early then join my list and make sure to select the box about learning art in the sign up area.

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spring floral paintings by Jaime Haney

A few paintings from Delights of Spring

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Big Sky painting class blog pin

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