happy boy on his 8th birthdayThis picture of Asher, my birthday boy, in a blur is pretty much how his 8 years have been. It’s also a pretty accurate picture of how he usually is… busy! Unless he’s playing video games that is. My wonderful, lovable, smart, funny, crazy kid turned 8 years old this past Wednesday, March 12th.

I look at him now (misty-eyed), especially in these pictures and see he is changing yet again. He is losing that young round cheek child-like appearance and looking more boyish. But he is still snuggly and showing me affection, so I’ll take it. He’s not yet too embarrassed when I grab him up and squeeze him tight and smother him with kisses, although I know it’s probably coming. For right now, he’s my boy… still needing comfort from his mother when he’s sad or sick which unfortunately he was this week.

Another ear infection and a call from school the day before his birthday. Along with a wonderful new nasty little bacterial germ… Impetigo. Oh yay. What are those kids doing in school? I’m convinced they just try to share every little germ they’ve got with one another. Did I mention I’ve got Strep Throat? Thanks to my little carrier, I’m sure. He on the other hand didn’t have it. The doctor told me it’s not uncommon for it to not attack someone without their tonsils and I still have mine.

Can I just say O.M.G. I’ve never had Strep before and never want it again. It feels like you’ve chewed up glass then swallowed it and then for good measure… here, why don’t you swallow this molten lava with your food. I mean to tell you I have had some bad sore throats but none like this. My throat swelled up and that thing that hangs down in the back of your throat did too so that I felt like I had a big wad of chewed up food stuck back there. It was so badly swollen that if I leaned forward or yawned or opened my mouth to look at the horror that was happening, cue the gag reflex!

I went to the Convenient Care because of course it is worse on a Sunday to yep find out I was Strep positive. I started antibiotics at once and I still have pain today (Friday!). So I called the doctors office on Wednesday and explained what had happened and that I wasn’t better yet and they told me to come in. My doctor said I no longer have Strep (he tested for it) but I must’ve gotten some other virus along with it and it decided my throat was fair game. So I’m just continuing my meds and slowly recovering. I swear this has been the longest winter and the worse one for us in a long time for being sick.

Back to happier things… I picked up Asher a Battleship game, remember those? I put up the extra cash for the electronic one because I knew he would love the sounds and lights. Man I tell you I scored on this gift. He loves it. I actually like to play it with him as well. I don’t think I had one as a kid. It never looked interesting to me, but I do enjoy playing it with Asher and for now, he is excited about something other than a video game!

Here he is so serious about putting the pegs in…

Asher setting up Battleship


My opponent! He insists on sitting on the table.my opponent for Battleship the birthday boy


He asked for chocolate cake and picked it out when we went shopping after his doctor’s appointment. Hot Fudge Cake. Hot fudge cake

Asher approves!

Happy approval of chocolate cake

Yes, it tastes as wonderful as it looks!

yummy hot fudge cakeSo my little Birthday Boy got to stay home from school on his 8th birthday, probably the best present in his mind… haha. We played Battleship and watched the big chunks of snow fall. It was a great day.

big chunks of snow falling



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