This past weekend has been my birthday weekend. I like that term that a friend of mine coined, Denise, calls all people’s birthday. She actually says “Happy Birthday Week”, so I just changed it up a bit.

It started with Friday, my actual birthday. I went into the art studio and finally got to throw some paint around on a canvas. This was purely for fun and for me. I painted over a canvas that I did not like. I didn’t get any before pictures, but this is where I stopped. It has a look of scales to me and as I painted I thought dragon scales or fish scales. It may not stay this way, who knows. I had fun playing with some new matte acrylics that I had bought.

Abstract work in progress

Friday evening we went out for my birthday dinner. I got my husband and kid to pose with me in the car.

family photo in the car

Selfies in the car!

It’s hard to get my hubby to take photos where he isn’t making faces at me trying to make me laugh. He always succeeds. I think that’s probably one reason I married him, we laugh together.


Goofy Husband

My son lost a tooth while we were eating. Always some sort of drama.

Also, the weekend had more excitement in store for us in the midwest. Just as we were walking out of the restaurant we heard the storm sirens. We knew there were storms scheduled to hit but I thought we had enough time to get home before they hit. I was wrong.

So it stormed and carried on all the way and it continued all the night long. I never have encountered the endless thunder and lightning that we encountered this weekend. We didn’t sleep very well either. Between the storm and the weather bulletin going off on my phone every 15 minutes, sleep was not to be had. Eventually, the severe thunderstorm and tornado warnings turned into flash flood warnings.

I think Friday night we had about 7 inches of rain. It continued to rain Saturday with intermittent pauses. Saturday night brought even more rain. The photos below are from Saturday just after lunch. Water was in the basement and in my studio. It still is. As I write this, I am cursing this week as I know what a mess it down there now. Mud and water that will have to be cleaned up. These photos are just the beginning of the mess to come.

The water seeps in from the walls. We also have underground streams which I think contribute to the water coming up from an old well down there as well.

wet floor of my art studio

wet floor of my art studio

Soggy mess 🙁

wet floor of my art studio

Saturday night we went out to eat again and was met with flooded roads. This is Springfield Rd. in Posey County. That area with the water is usually just a ditch but gets wild when there is an extreme amount of rain, like we had. We had to turn around and find another higher ground route.

It’s rained all day today (Sunday) and I imagine the roads are still flooded. Our lake is crazy full and went over the dam. I have no idea how much rain we’ve gotten.

Lake overly full over the weekend

So you see I’ve had a dramatic birthday weekend. Now the winds are howling and another spring change is on its way. Winds are bringing cooler temps and hopefully a drier week. We need a break!

Tomorrow is May Day! This has been a crazy spring.

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