Updated below!

I’ve been nervously watching the weather forecast for Saturday and it’s been a real nail biter! As of now, there is a 90% chance of thunderstorms and some may be severe with wind and large hail. Oy! I’ve done shows in the past with rain and they are no fun, add some gusty winds to that along with lightning and my tent turns into a giant sail that is a lightning rod/possible impaling device all rolled into one.

One nice thing about this promoter is that they have already emailed us with our weather concerns and have assured us that if the weather does turn out nasty, there will be a rain date for the next day which is Sunday June 2nd. So, if you have plans to attend Art in the Park, check back here before you leave and see if the date has been moved. I will also announce it on my Facebook business page www.facebook.com/jaimehaneyartist. I’ll let everyone know as soon as I know.

Meanwhile, here is one new painting I’ve been working on for the show. Sunflower! This little beauty is an 8″x8″ acrylic on canvas and I haven’t named it yet. You can see my process below.

Sunflower work in progress Sunflower work in progress Sunflower work in progress Sunflower work in progress

It’s not totally finished here so if you want to see the end result you will just have to come to my show! Keep your fingers crossed for me that either the weather changes or the rain date comes into action. For information on Art in the Park, see this post.

UPDATE: Thankfully the show has been postponed and it will be held Sunday, June 2 from 11-4. I hope you stop by and say hello!

UPDATE 2:    During one of my moods, I got to looking at this painting while in my studio. I decided I didn’t want this blue background, so I changed it. Below is the new painting which I think makes the painting have more impact. I also made the petals look more like flames since it’s named All Ablaze. I did manage to photograph my original painting though, and prints and notecards are still available for the original All Ablaze. This newly revised painting is now called All Ablaze II.

sunflower painting

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