so I’m trying to think of something terribly interesting to say and must admit, I’m at a loss. what is interesting enough in my life that someone else would want to hear about? 

i’ve recently signed up for a site called recommended from my friend, Roxie ( ) and it’s interesting so far. I guess that I’m getting some hits at least. if you have any kind of site that you want to draw some traffic to, check it out. too early to give an opinion as to if it is generating buying customers.

i’m thinking of trying on ebay, not sure. so busy now that i’m not sure i’ve got the time. starting up this week are 2 farmer’s markets that i’ll be attending as much as possible – mt vernon, IN and New Harmony, IN

my show last saturday turned out bad. descent turnout, but i had a loss because a big gust of wind came up and blew 5 of my pieces to the ground shattering them and busting up the frames. very upsetting. one step forward, two steps back… that’s the way it goes.
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