painting of B.B. King

Recently, I was asked by my high school art teacher, Jon Siau, to contribute a piece of art to a permanent display for the high school. It will be in one of the entry halls to the auditorium. I don’t know a lot of details yet, but when Mr. Siau asks for a favor, you do it. He (along with my father) was one of the most influential people in my art career.

I have a tremendous amount of respect for Jon Siau. He was a great teacher and still continues to support me and my art all these years later. I attended one of his solo shows this past summer that I took lots of photos of his fantastic art, all portraits of sports people that I have yet to share on my blog.

One of Jon’s hobbies has been collecting autographs of famous people. He is graciously donating them as part of this permanent display. So he had a list of famous people I could choose from. He wanted portraits created by former and current students to go along with the autographs and bits of memorabilia to be professionally matted and framed to inspire the kids at the school.

He was telling me on the phone of all the autographs he had. When he got to B.B. King, I had him stop right there. If you’ve followed my blog, you know I’m a huge blues fan. So here is what I’ve created for the display and I call it Blues Man. I have prints available already here on my print on demand shop.

Blues-man-sketch_2254painting in progress of B.B. King matted and framed print of B.B. King Kind of cool as a cell phone case…

Cell phone case with B.B. King painting

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paintings by Jaime Haney

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