It’s nearly killed me trying to keep this bridal bouquet painting a secret. I enjoy sharing what I’m working on and give peeks of it on Facebook or Instagram. But this last painting was a wedding gift and might’ve been seen and/or recognized by the future bride if I shared much of it. So I waited.

Bridal bouquet painting on easel at gift table

Believe me though as soon as it was on this easel in the reception hall, I was posting it everywhere! It’s just too pretty to keep a secret!

Let me show you my process of this lovely bridal bouquet painting from start to finish.

sketch of bridal bouquet
sketch of bouquet on my toned canvas

I’ll add a little background of the painting as I share the process photos.

So this goes back all the way to high school, Freshman year I think. I am so lucky to have some friends still in my life from that time. We were like the Three Musketeers. Jody, Michelle and myself. I met them Freshman year and we were fast friends. We still are.

This painting was created as a gift for my friend Jody’s daughter, Shelby.

bridal bouquet painting process
blocking in color

Shelby has been mentioned once before I think. I painted a commission sea turtle for her. Jody (her mother and my long time friend) wanted to give her daughter a special Christmas gift and it was this sea turtle.

bridal bouquet painting process
adding more and more

Now I’m friends with both of Jody’s kids, Shelby and Josh. We follow each other on Instagram and Facebook, so I had to stop myself from sharing anything that might give this away.

Jody and I had to be sly on getting me the wedding bouquet so I could photograph it and she could get it back home before Shelby noticed it was gone. She even came over to my house with Jody while I hemmed Jody’s gown, good thing my art studio is in the basement.

Before the painting was finished, all three of us had lunch one day and I managed to show Jody a work in progress photo on my phone – one of these I’m sure – practically right in front of Shelby while she was on the phone! haha, she didn’t have a clue.

bridal bouquet painting process
Got those big beautiful flowers in!

Back to trying to not share it… I really couldn’t help myself. Besides, I like to try and keep my social media current for my art biz and going silent isn’t a good idea, or so I tell myself. So at first, I just shared a video of me sketching a part of the painting. It was kinda boring though.

Furthermore, this was a complicated painting. I had spent a lot of time on it so I just had to share something about it! After the video, I cropped a piece of the wisteria flowers and thought I’ll just share this. I think they’re so elegant and they looked good even by themselves. So after that it was starting to get some attention which honestly made me want to share more.

Bridal Bouquet painting
blocking in the wisteria

As with most paintings, there are set backs and this one had it’s share. I changed a couple of things here and there (for the better). But that adds to the time. I was starting to get down to my deadline – just days away plus I still had to varnish it.

bridal bouquet painting
Adding in a nice linen color to the background

Happily, it worked out fine in the end. I’m very pleased with the final results of the bridal bouquet painting. Aren’t these just juicy, beautiful colors for a fall wedding?

finished painting
After I added the final touches. Finished.

And ohhhh what a beautiful wedding it was. The bride was gorgeous, the groom handsome, the dress was gorgeous, and the flowers… well they speak for themselves here. We ate a delicious feast and then danced the night away. The three of us danced to new and old music from our day.

It was a perfect day. I just love weddings, don’t you?

bridal bouquet at the gift table
A beautiful addition to the wedding gift table.

I’m happy to report the bride was over the moon happy with her wedding bouquet painting portrait. Who wouldn’t be, right? I was proud to give it to her. I’ve been promised photos of it on her wall when she and her husband return from their honeymoon. Ahh… young love…

Jaime Haney holding finished bridal bouquet painting
Me holding the finished painting the day before the wedding.

The photo above was taken at my dad’s house. Even at my age, he’s my go to for advice and I still look to him for parental approval. He told me this is my best painting I’ve done yet. (and he doesn’t give lip service) I have to agree. I’m pretty proud of this one.

The idea came to me to paint a custom portrait of her bridal bouquet a while back. I knew she’s an art lover and isn’t it nice to have an original piece of art for your walls, a real heirloom piece? I’d say there aren’t many young newlyweds that get an original painting to hang in their new nest. I’m happy that I could give this to her.

Bridal bouquet painting

If you’d like to gift someone an heirloom bridal bouquet painting, I am accepting commissions. This is a 16″x20″ canvas. I feel this is a good size and makes a nice statement. Frames are easily found for this size.

I’m offering 3 popular sizes to reach any budget, but I’m not going any smaller than an 8″x10″ unless the bouquet was extremely simple. Most wedding bouquets are full of flowers and detail, smaller paintings are actually harder. A commission painting this size is currently $453 plus taxes. I’m including shipping in the US but international buyers can just pay the difference of what I allow for shipping. Of course good photos are a must. I’ve made a page with all the details to get your own bridal bouquet painting, just click here. I’d love to paint something special for you.

lifelong friends
The Three Musketeers. L-R Jaime Haney, Jody Hess, Michelle Dean

⬅︎ Spooky Vignette and new print

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