paintings busy drying from varnishing

It’s been more than a few days since I finished the 30 in 30 challenge and there is still a lot of busy work to be done. I’m slowly chipping away at it.

Sales have been coming in and those paintings are of course my priority. I was pretty good about inventory numbers for all the paintings, but I didn’t get titles for each one while I was painting them. So today, I packaged up some finally dried, varnished paintings and got them in the post office first. Then back to varnishing more paintings. I think they are multiplying behind my back. I also named several while adding to my inventory list… “Hot Pink Hottie”, “Magenta Mambo”… haha you get the idea. Lots of fun. I love naming the paintings.

With not a lot of free table top surface space, that makes varnishing a little harder to do for 24 paintings. I had to do them in batches. It’s busy work, but needs to be done nevertheless. Each painting receives at least two coats of varnish.

Here’s a little funny bit: Last Saturday when I started varnishing them, I had the table that you see in the photo above packed with freshly varnished paintings… just as you see now. I’m just finishing up the last one on that table and Loki jumps up on the paintings! ACCCCCKKKKKKK!!!! Actually, I had a few strong choice words and quickly  grabbed him before he had a chance to walk on anymore than he did and set him on the floor.

Yes, there were little kitty paws imprinted on a couple. Grrrrrr. Luckily I was able to smooth them out since I was there when it happened and they hadn’t dried. I may have picked out a cat hair or two…

A perk(?) to having a studio that sometimes floods. Ugh. While painting the last week we had torrential rains here in our area, really bad flooding for a lot of people. Thankfully, mine wasn’t bad enough that I couldn’t continue painting. But I did have fans everywhere and a dehumidifier running constantly. In fact, I can hear it now… still running as I type this. That moisture allowed me to smooth out the prints without ruining the whole painting. Whew! However, that moisture is really slowing down the varnish from drying! I’m busy here, doesn’t the air know I don’t have time for this? It delayed the mailing of two paintings, but they’re on their way now.

Here’s my work table covered in paintings that are busy drying.

paintings busy drying from varnishing

Busy drying!


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