Have you ever thought about buying art as a gift? Christmas in New Harmony Indiana is this weekend and there will be plenty of chances to buy art there for yourself or as a gift.

This is my last show of the year and it’s usually my best show for selling my paintings. I’m not sure if it’s the gift giving season and people are gifting art or perhaps people are buying art for themselves while they’re out Christmas shopping for friends and family.

Either way, I’ll take it. Having someone love my art enough to spend their money on it so they can enjoy it every day of their life… well there’s just not words adequate enough to express how that makes me feel.

Have you heard or seen the meme going around that goes…

When you buy something from an artist you’re buying more than an object. You’re buying hundreds of hours of errors and experimentation. You’re buying years of frustration and moments of pure joy. You’re not buying just one thing, you are buying a piece of a heart, a piece of a soul… a small piece of someone else’s life.

It’s a quote by Rebekah Joy Plett about buying art from an artist. The frustrations and joys of being an artist. The feelings of failure when I have a bad show, and elation when I sell a piece. I really relate.

It’s funny how we all try to act like we don’t care if we’re accepted or not but I think really deep down, we do.

When my art is bought and collected it does give me that feeling of acceptance. That someone “gets” me. And I think that’s close to what anyone really wants in life, not just artists.

Do you buy art for yourself? Do you gift art for family or friends?

But wait, isn’t art too personal? I used to think that art was too personal to gift, that I couldn’t… I wouldn’t… assume someones taste. For some people that may be true, but why wouldn’t you want to buy something personal for them?

Now though, I realized that gifts ARE supposed to be personal. Heartfelt. Given with joy. I want to enjoy giving a gift as much as the person receiving it!

Who wants an impersonal gift?

I hate giving a store card or or gift certificate for dinner somewhere. Where’s the fun in that?

Kinds of art collectors

Some people just collect art because they love all kinds of art, and there are types that collect specific art to go with their design esthetics. You know, it’s gotta go with their decor. There are even those that just put something on the wall to have something on the wall. It might not even appeal to them.

Mostly though, I find my collectors buy the art that speaks to their heart so it doesn’t really matter if it matches the couch and drapes. They buy art that has meaning to them, makes them think or smile or remember.

Newflash: Art doesn’t have to go with anything!

It just has to speak to you. It’s that “Oh I’ve got to have that in my life” little voice that comes singing from your heart sending little love whispers to your brain. Then the brain releases endorphins of pleasure each time you see it again. The heart and brain are more connected than we think.

One of my favorite quotes by Blaise Pascal:

The heart has its reasons of which reason knows nothing

When you encounter that… get out your pocket book or wallet. Because that my friend is what life is about… experiences.

How can buying artwork be an experience and not just a possession?

It’s an experience for you each and every day in that you are the lucky one to enjoy that piece of someone’s soul… that part of someone’s heart that was poured out in the form of paint, paper or whatever with their hands… and it has the power to affect you every. single. day.

Let’s say an art piece brings you joy, wouldn’t you want that joy everyday? Wouldn’t you want to give that joy everyday?

I do.

I’m an art collector as well as an artist. I’ve gifted art and I’ve bought art from other artists for myself. There’s not a day that goes by that I don’t look at the art in my home and feel joy among other warm feelings such as nostalgia, love and hope. Never though is regret one of them.

So if you’re at odds at what to get someone this Christmas or as a birthday gift or just because. Buy art. Gift art.

Support the living artist.

Don’t be afraid. Buy it for yourself. Buy it for your friend or loved ones. It will have meaning to you and to the lucky receiver of the art not only because it came from you but also because it is so personal.

Rebekah Joy Plett quote about buying from an artist

Okay so I’ll come down off my soapbox now. Buy hey, if you’d like to see me do a happy dance and own a little bit of my heart… buy some of MY art! I have many pieces for sale here on my site and even more than that in my inventory. If you don’t see what you’re looking for, consider a commission.

Also, a good place to see all my paintings even if I haven’t gotten them in my shop yet, just go to my painting archives page. I’m pretty good at marking if they’re sold or not.

Now, go and buy some art! Then, please come back to visit my blog often, let’s continue the conversation… Do you buy art?

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