Looking for new family member

Well, I don’t know what the appropriate time to wait is, but I think we’ve waited long enough while grieving for Banshee. Although it’s strange to grieve for her not knowing for sure that she is gone. But I have accepted that she is not coming home...

Glimmer of hope

I just got back from another 1 hour drive around the area in my car. I took Asher out in his jammies because at 8:42 this evening I got a call from a nice lady who saw one of my signs that I have out for Banshee Missing and she told me she saw Banshee walking on a...

Banshee update

Sadly, my Banshee is still not home. I think there is only one answer at this point, that she has run off to die somewhere. I don’t understand why she wouldn’t want to stay home to do this, but I feel she will not return. I look for her all the time. When...

No Banshee

Banshee still hasn’t showed up. Asher and I drove all around on the four wheeler yesterday and came up with nothing. I stopped and talked to a farmer and hopefully he’s on the lookout for her. I saw a buzzard circling a field and I tried to find the spot,...

Heavy Heart

I’m just sick today. Banshee has taken off again and I cannot find her anywhere. I looked everywhere I could yesterday, even in my car. As some of you know, we live out in the country and there are lots of places for her to be hidden from view in. In a final...

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