Curse you Blogger!

Curses! I’ve reached my maximum blogs to follow! Apparently 300 is the magic number. Why is there even a limit? I’ve read on other blogs of this problem but since I hadn’t encountered this dilemma, I assumed they got rid of the nasty situation. Not...

Oh My Lucky Stars!

My lucky friendship stars are shining brightly down on me! My good friend Sandra over at Under The Sun With Me has sent me the sweetest Valentine’s package! I say my lucky stars because I feel so lucky to be friends with Sandra and so many of you out there in...

Is there a Blog-oholic Anonymous?

So you all know I’m a night owl. But that doesn’t mean I get to sleep in until noon (I wish!). So… while I should be sleeping like baby kitties…shhh…I look more like poor Zoey, who has to share her bed with the bed hogs… and who...

Why do you blog or read blogs?

Today I read an interesting little article called What is your favorite thing about blogging? by Crissy Herron on It got me to thinking about how much of an outlet my blog has become for me and how important it is to me. There are so many reasons...


so I’m trying to think of something terribly interesting to say and must admit, I’m at a loss. what is interesting enough in my life that someone else would want to hear about? i’ve recently signed up for a site called recommended...

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