Painting 20 Cactus Flower Blue Bird Dream

Painting 20 Cactus Flower Blue Bird Dream is an 8″x8″ acrylic painting on masonite Today is the last day for the official 30 paintings in 30 days with Leslie Saeta’s blog but I think I’m going to try to continue and get my 30 in just not in 30...

Painting 15 – Reclaiming

  Painting 15 is titled Reclaiming, 8×8 inch on masonite. Part of the “The Retaliation of Mother Nature” series. This may be the last painting in my environmental painting series titled “Reclaiming”. It is a painting of a broken roadway that once...

Painting 12 – Reconcile

Painting 12 is “Reconcile”, from a new series I’ve titled “The retaliation of Mother Nature”. 8″x8″ This painting and three others I’m working on (not shown) are spawned from the first painting, “The road to...

New painting on recycled wood – Aquarius Moon

I’ve got a new painting on recycled wood called Aquarius Moon. This is a companion piece to Scorpio Sun, in the way that they are the same size and pretty much the same tree only one is day and one is night and the trees are flip-flopped.Above is the texture...

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