Jaime and Asher at Icemen Hockey Game

Pfffttttt! My kid, he’s just like me. I am usually making silly faces too, but these days I try not show off the triple chin or wrinkles that are multiplying! Here we are at our very first hockey game. Our local team, the Icemen, won 6 to 1! It was fun and not as cold as I thought it would be. I have to say, I don’t quite get all the fighting though. Too much testosterone I guess.

So, we’re just coming off a nice 4 day weekend and I find it really hard to get back in gear. I’ve got a list of things to do a mile long and all I’ve basically done today is sift through Pinterest and look at all the beautiful food. I did mangage to organize a few things and did a butt load of laundry yesterday but today was crazy windy and rainy and browsing the recipes sounded better than anything. Do you ever have days like that? I must say I’ve found some awesome sounding recipes to try. I even had to add a new bookmark folder, haha. see… organization 😉

But it’s back to reality in the morning. I just sent off my money for a show for the beginning of May and I’ve got a lot of painting to do. For the past month I’ve been concentrating on illustrating the Children’s Christian Easter book, “A Tale of Two Lamb’s” that I’ve mentioned before. Well, it’s finally finished! We (the author Kathy Sands and I) are so excited we are biting our nails to nubs waiting for the proof to come in the mail. Of course I will be shamelessly promoting it as soon as we okay the proof and then it will be available as a Kindle book right away. A paperback version will be available quickly as well. Our book is a Christian Themed Easter book about the story of Jesus, Easter and the Resurrection. It’s 24 pages packed full of color, cute characters and well let me just show you the description:

Through the story of the resurrection, Farmer Dave and his barnyard friends recount God’s plan to save humanity…and lambs too! Little Lamb listens and learns of the fate of so many other lambs in this child friendly story that teaches children that sin has a price and that Someone has already paid for the sins of the whole human race.

Here’s the cover while I’m at it…

Book cover of Christian Easter Book called A Tale of Two Lambs by Katherine A. Sands and Jaime Brannon HaneyI can’t wait to share more… Stay tuned and you know I’ll have a link where you can buy it!

Tootles for now.


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