Asher and I put up the tree today and decorated it. Well, sort of. Asher thinks all the ornaments that he puts on should be on the same branch. But it tickled him to death when he found out that’s what we were going to do this evening. I drug it all down from the attic and put together the tree and we broke for super. Watched a little Charlie Brown Christmas and the new Disney cartoon and went at it. I had to put all my good ornaments at the top and I’m praying he doesn’t knock them off. Last year I had a few casualties. I’m also praying he doesn’t electrocute himself since he thinks it’s the greatest thing ever to be able to reach the electric strip to turn it all on and off, repeatedly. At least I don’t have to bend down. A true test in my patience my friends. A true test in my patience. I’m exhausted, the tree is kinda lop-sided and drooping where the branches probably weigh 10 times more than they should and I’ll be shocked if he doesn’t knock the whole thing down before tomorrow evening. Ah.. Christmas. Is it January yet?
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