beginning of new painting, red background with carved leaves beginning of new painting, red background with carved leavesCinnabar Nights of Love a new painting wip. I have a new painting in progress, actually two because I consider them a set. I also am thinking I will want to explore this type of painting further and am leaving room for a series with these being the beginning.

I knew that I wanted a red background but other than that I didn’t know where this was going. As I painted the red and yellow, I thought I’d carve in some texture with what I figured would be tall background vegetation. I was thinking abstract at this point.

Next I added decided to add some color with dark blue by coloring in my leaves. That led to turquoise drippings and then I wanted to add more depth and tropical feel with palms. I love plants and painting them felt right. I wasn’t sure what was next but I started to tone it all down a little bit with what I’ll call grunging it up. I added shadowy blues and greens.

red abstract tropical background red abstract tropical backgroundI felt at this point it was looking exotic like I was wanting, I wanted to add some life to it with some birds. I love cranes and think they look exotic so I began to look for reference photos and discovered the Sarus Crane. They are in India, southeast Asia, Australia and the Philippines. I knew immediately that was what I wanted. I researched the Sarus Crane and discovered they are the tallest flying bird, at almost 6 feet – which makes them pretty incredible to me.

In India they are considered symbols of marital fidelity, believed to mate for life and pine the loss of their mates even to the point of starving to death. With this being Valentine’s Day weekend, I thought this was a sign that I was choosing the right focal point. I think I love these birds! Unfortunately, their numbers have greatly declined and are on the threatened species list according to Wikipedia.

I painted them in and they are just what I was needing.

Sarus Crane in a red abstract background work in progress Sarus Crane in a red abstract tropical background work in progressThis set is still a work in progress, I have a few more ideas for additions to the paintings but not too much. The more I look at them, the happier I am with them. I’d love to know what your thoughts are on the sizes I’m working on. These are 8″x8″. I can see them on a wall on top of one another or side by side. I plan to frame them I think before I put them up for sale. Do you like the squares? I do but am finding the framing options are a little harder to find readymade.

I hope you have had a romantic Valentine’s Day… I got a very pretty and sweet card from my honey and son made me a card which I always treasure. What did you do? Anything special?




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