I’m killing two birds with one stone here. It’s Paint Party Friday and I want to tell you about a project I’ve got started. I’ve been asked to participate in a benefit for CMOE, a local children’s museum. I am decorating a pre-made wooden “piggy bank” shaped like a dinosaur that you can insert a coin into its mouth and it swirls around and ends up in his belly. It will be auctioned off for their 5th Birthday Gala. I am honored to be asked to help and hope that my dinosaur will fetch a good price to help out the museum. I’m not going for a childlike theme, more of a serious piece with attitude… haha at least in my head!

It stands a couple feet high but as I paint on it, I’ve discovered there really isn’t much surface area. So far, I’ve gesso’d it and ink’d it with india ink in my random pattern technique and now I’ve just started to add paint… metallic of course. I have more plans for this other than just painting but you’ll have to tune in later to see what I’ve got up my sleeve πŸ˜‰

gesso’d Β 


ink’d other side

adding the metallic paint

I’ve missed like 3 Paint Party Friday’s and I’m just barely squeaking in for this one tonight! This week I’ve brought all my plants back into my greenhouse cause it’s going to get pretty chilly tonight and it’s time. Bringing all my plants in has turned out to be a big project (just like every year, how quick I forget!). I was hoping to be further along with my dinosaur by now, especially since the gala is this month… yikes! I’ll make it, no worries.

Try to visit all the talent that is PPF! Til next time πŸ˜‰
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