Occasionally, I am asked about commissions. I am open to a commissions and I enjoy a challenge, but I want you to understand a few things first before we work together so it will be a pleasant experience for us both.

First, I would hope that you’ve already looked through my portfolio of work and already like my painting style and aesthetic. Painting is very personal for me, so asking me to paint out of my normal style pretty much assures a less than stellar piece that neither of us will end up loving. Also, please know that painting someone else’s idea can be very draining on my creativity. Let me create a piece with minimal instruction for the absolute best results.

Second, at this time I do not paint people portraits. People have been in my paintings and that can be okay, but the focus is not on their face.

Third, consider conveying colors to me or even a feeling that you would like for me to use in the creation of your commissioned painting. Allow me to use creative freedom. This works especially well with abstract paintings. It’s useful if a painting that I created that you loved has already been sold. You can commission me to paint something similar, but I never just flat out copy a painting.

Lastly, please do not ask me to paint a copy of another artist’s work. This goes for photography as well. If you have a piece that you love by another artist, by all means buy it from them. If it’s out of your budget, reach out to the artist and ask about a payment plan. We are very eager to have someone that truly loves our work to own it and we usually will work with the collector to make that happen. One more thing, please don’t ask for a discount.

(More information about the commission process including price below photo)

Collector holding a commissioned painting of a swimming sea turtle.

Details about my commission process:

  • No people portraits.
  • Minimum charge for commissions is $200 (not including tax or shipping). This is for an 8”x10” on deep canvas, painted on sides so framing is not necessary. Wired and ready to hang. Larger sizes are available. Not all 8×10 paintings are $200, the final price will be determined by complexity of painting. $200 is the base price.
  • A 50% non-refundable down payment is required to reserve your spot on my wait list with the remaining amount due when the painting is finished. Painting will not begin until the down payment is received. This covers materials.
  • Second, a simple contract will be sent for the commissioned painting. Painting will begin when I receive the signed contract and downpayment. This is assurance for both of us.
  • If you’re requesting specific work, I will request a few good quality photos, usually sent via email or even text.
  • Next, we’ll work together to discuss details such as background color. Don’t worry, I’ll offer suggestions based on your photos.
  • Above all, I want you to love your painting. 2 minor revisions are allowed with the commission at no cost. After 2, there’s a charge. I’ll send you a photo of the painting when it’s close to being finished or at a place I feel is a good point to show you for your approval and will make changes, if any, as necessary.
  • After your final approval of the painting, the remainder of the fee is due in full.
  • Finally, I ship the painting to the address you’ve provided or you can pick it up at my studio.
  • Allow 3-4 weeks for the painting to be finished depending on my work load.
  • Artist (that’s me) retains full copyright and intellectual property. That means you are not allowed to reproduce the painting in any way (even if not for profit). If you would like to make note cards or a print of the painting I create for you etc., to share with friends and/or family then just let me know. I can provide those items to you in a beautiful way and they’re very inexpensive. I would love for you to share your painting with others, just go through me to do it please.

If you have any questions, please reach out to me here. If you would like to speak on the phone, my number is 812-783-0399.

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