Part 3 of Early fall flowers around my house – the photos I took in mid October. I took so many photos on that warm day that I’ve had to split it up into quite a few posts. I think there will be one or two more. I’ve also been busy, painting, doing Halloween (did you see my costume?? click here) and taking care of the household that time just flies. So even though most of these flowers have now been bit by the cold temps we had last week, I still want to share.

If you haven’t seen Early flowers Part 1 or Part 2, just click 🙂

Thanks for looking, come back to see the next episode! haha… Fall is getting away quickly and we’ll all be having Thanksgiving dinner in a few weeks, can you believe it? I’ve got a group show this Saturday that I’m excited about and I’m painting new paintings for my Christmas show, Christmas in New Harmony. I’ll be sharing those soon!

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some of my paintings

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