Banshee, female spirit tutorial

Banshee, female spirt

Irish mythology, usually seen as an omen of death and a messenger from the Otherworld



When I created Banshee, female spirit I had not started to work with professional face paint yet. I’m using the regular Halloween face paint you can buy just about anywhere in October. I’m sure this was probably the black and white skull face collection. I added baby powder after the white makeup to set it. I may have done it to the black as well, just not as heavy. It will soak in quite a bit. The powder makes it feel less greasy on your face. It also helps stop your crazy hair from sticking to your cheeks.

Of course now that I have discovered the wonders of professional face paint, I recommend it hands down. No powder needed! They feel smooth and light, cover sooooo much better and you apply with a wet brush or sponge (dab don’t rub). They wash off easily with almost just water. I have found some colors stain a bit more though, like teal. You’ll need to use soap and be a little rougher with your washcloth to get it off or you’ll look like you have a ghastly cast to you. Good for the zombie look, ha ha.

I like TAG brand, Kryolan, Wolfe and Paradise. I’ve also picked up Snazaroo and Tulip from Michaels Craft store and while not as respected as the others, I like it and it’s still a whole lot better than the grease makeup. It seems certain colors are superior in each brand. (i.e. I like the Wolfe white, but TAG has great neon rainbow split cake which are a bunch of colors in the same well and you run your damp sponge down them all to get a rainbow effect.)

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Banshee female spirit makeup tutorial part 1 Banshee female spirit makeup tutorial part 2 Banshee female spirit makeup tutorial part 3

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paintings by New Harmony, Indiana artist Jaime Haney

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