Voodoo Queen Marie-Evella Célestine

I am the Voodoo Queen Marie-Evella Célestine. Don’t be shy mon cher. Come watch me… and learn your fate.

Voodoo Queen Marie-Evella Célestine and her Spirit Stick is from a slideshow I made from photographs I took of myself shamelessly donning my newest Halloween Costume (2013), a Voodoo Queen. I had great fun sewing my costume and putting it all together and put a lot of work into it so of course I want to show off!

I have a flair for the dramatic so Halloween is my favorite holiday and always has been. I go to elaborate lengths to produce my costumes and as I create them it just cultivates my imagination, which to be honest isn’t all that hard. I love things that are a bit shall we say off or odd and secretly fly my Freak Flag. I must’ve done theatrical work in another life because I just love dressing up. I wasn’t in the drama department but I think I probably would’ve loved it if I could’ve gotten over being shy when I was younger or at least been a part of it like painting the backdrops or helping make costumes. I have definitely come out of my shell now. Of course it’s not hard when you are not portraying yourself. As my friend would say… “you’re crazy is showing…” Ha ha ha… But I don’t care!

I will have a couple more posts on my costume… how I made it and my Spirit Stick and other things I did like paint my dreadlock wig and make clay bones  because I couldn’t find the real things. I did have one post already on starting the costume here.

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*Please note, this is just for entertainment purposes only. This is a costume that I made by hand and a made up name that I thought sounded pretty and legitimate. I do not claim to be a real Voodoo Queen.

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