dogwood tree covered in wet snow

My dogwood tree covered in wet snow

Well it’s been a crazy week weather wise and tropical paintings wise. Last Saturday, I was outside cleaning up Studio Gardens and taking photos of all the flowers bursting up all the while enjoying the March sunshine and then boom, out of nowhere, Sunday we had crazy snow!

The last I had heard, it was just going to rain with maybe some flurries mixed in. Next thing I knew, I was in awe of the giant puffs of snow falling from the sky. While it truly was a Winter Wonderland and some of the most beautiful snow I’ve seen in a long time, I was not happy about it. I’m done with winter! haha Doesn’t he know that? In fairness, it technically is still winter. Bleh. This in-between can suck, you know winter one day spring the next.

I’m dreaming of warm days and green. Flowers, bees and butterflies! I’ve already bought some summer flowering bulbs. Then this crap?

We even had a snow day on Monday! I didn’t mind the sleeping in part, I admit. But I guess after painting all these tropical paintings in the form of flowers and leaves, I’m ready for that myself!

Oh well. Mother Nature doesn’t give a darn.

Today as I write this, the sun is shining thankfully, but there is still snow in the shadows. Tomorrow is promising to be better.

So back to my tropical paintings (painted during the 30 in 30 challenge). I wanted to share my excitement and a little bit of sadness of them selling. I’ve liked many of them and planned to display them in my home until they sold… haha. Good problem to have, I know. Now I’ll just have to paint more, oh poor me 😉 .

So here’s a run down on what I’ve sold as of today. Oh and in the process of the selling, I’ve had to get on it and title these guys. Most I hadn’t titled and there are still quite a few that remain that way.

sold tropical paintings

Calypso Coconuts, Cattleya Bliss, Reaching for Nirvana

sold tropical paintings

Dancing butterflies, Crotons Crazy!, Time for Ti

sold tropical painting of white moth orchid

White moth orchids titled “Tender Eternity”

I’m still needing to get them in my shop, but the ones that still remain available do have a PayPal Button that can be used.

Here’s a quick 11 second video and photo of the snow.

Giant snowflakes falling from the sky and my dog Zoey standing in it.

Zoey in the falling snow

I think I’m going to start a new painting today without the constraints of the one painting a day and I believe it will be daffodils. They are such a welcome sight these days. I’ll share more as I have it. Thank you for visiting my blog.

paintings by Jaime Haney of New Harmony, Indiana

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