Glove lounging on couch

doesn’t my cat know that I am concentrating on starting up my new blog?! obviously not, as she is continuing to do that very annoying pawing on the door as if I’d actually let her out!  pffhhh!

Well, anyway… Hi! and welcome to my blog. I need a place to vent and this is just as good as any. My name is Jaime, I’m a stay at home mom and I have a spirited 3 year old son, named Asher;  a usually very placid 17 year old cat named Glove, and an aging 10 1/2 year old Husky sweetheart of a dog named Banshee. Oh and a 40 year old grouchy husband, Daryl. All this keeps my life busy as I try and try to pursue life as “working” artist and not a “starving” artist. So far, I’m more of a starving artist I must admit. Good thing Daryl still has a job!
Speaking of the economy, maybe that’s the reason I am a starving artist and not a fat and happy artist. well, maybe I’m a fat and happy artist too, but it ain’t from selling my art! I’d hate to think that my work just really isn’t interesting enough to sell, but I may need to come to that conclusion another day. ahh but for now, I’m a happy idiot! as they say ignorance is bliss, yes it is. Not that that would actually stop me from creating more art, cause it won’t but my house is getting a little piled up and the hubs would like to see it cleared out (read: clean).
Who has time to clean when it’s gloriously summertime outside?! not me! As a matter of fact I think I need a housewife to take care of that stuff that takes up too much of my precious time as it is! My husband and I have very different cleaning styles. He is a stacker and a hider. If someone is coming over, he starts stacking stuff and cramming it into the laundry room or wherever he deems necessary. I’m more of a procrastinator. I set stuff on the stairs to take up later and then annoyingly have to step over the junk on the way up! My philosophy is more mellow. Hey, if they know me then they know I’m inclined to be a bit of a mess. If they don’t know me, well then no time like the present to find out.  Besides, isn’t that a sign of a brilliant, creative mind? haha or maybe that is a sign of a slightly crazy mind. Daryl has threatened to put me in a rubber room. oh well. I’ve been this way forever, so I doubt he’s going to be changing me any time too soon. If he doesn’t like it, well then there are plenty of chairs outside, and it’s summertime, remember?
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