Colorful Ti Plant painting

Hot Hot Hot is this Ti Plant that I painted today for Day 21 of the 30 in 30. I love these hot pink and magenta colors with the green, orange, blue and even purple is in there! Love that variegated foliage.

The Ti Plant is known by a few different names, such as Cordyline, Cabbage Palm, Good Luck Plant and of course Hawaiian Ti. I read it’s called a Good Luck Plant in some areas of the tropics because if planted outdoors of the home, it brings good fortune to those who live there and bonus… it wards off ghosts and evil spirits!

Here’s an earlier photo I took before the vibrant colors were added.

Work in progress of a Ti Plant painting

I enjoyed painted this today with all the different colors. It made a very rainy and dreary day much brighter. I listened mostly to haunting tales podcasts while I painted – I love a good ghost story! (some of my spooky podcast favs are The Grave Talks, Real Ghost Stories Online, American Hauntings and Lore.)

You know, all of the tropical paintings would look good together, just sayin’.

This Ti Plant is 8″x10″ on canvas board. It’s $88 plus $10 shipping. Just use the PayPal button if you want it. I’ll have all my paintings in my shop after the challenge, in March.

UPDATE: 3/9/18 This painting has sold. I’ll have prints in my shop soon and I’ll leave a link here when they’re available.

What’s the point of the 30 Paintings in 30 days challenge?

I want to be a better painter. To be a better painter, I must paint more and more.

The whole point of the challenge is to get yourself back in the habit of painting everyday. Now I haven’t stopped painting, but I certainly haven’t painted as much as I wanted in the last few months. So I’m joining in with the challenge to give myself a goal and to help me to feel held accountable, too. Not that the Painting Police will come and pick me up if I don’t paint everyday, it’s more of a self motivation thing. I’ve signed up on Leslie’s website and I’m hoping to be able to accomplish a lot of painting.

I’m not expecting to get gallery worthy paintings each day, I may not even paint a whole new painting each day. I’ve been there done that and that was stressful. I put the stress on myself, but nonetheless, it was stressful. I do hope to foster the act of going into my studio each and every day to get more painting accomplished. You know what they say about habits, it takes 21 days to form one. It will help me get better by practicing more and more.

See the paintings I’ve painted during this challenge here. Thanks for stopping by.

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