©Jaime Haney - black and white photos of my mom and I So today is day 5 of my 30 Days in my life bloggin thingy. It’s Saturday and I’m a little melancholy today. I went to my cut my grandmother’s hair. She is 96 and doesn’t remember me at this point and I can’t help but wonder why some people live so long and some are here with us too short of a time.

My grandmother (my dad’s mom) has had Alzheimer’s disease for several years now and she’s just this year gotten pneumonia and had it for 2 months, then she recently fell and broke her hip. She had a rod about 12″ put in and 2 days later they had her back in the nursing home. She has talked of wanting to go when she has coherent moments but her body just won’t quit. She’s like the energizer bunny.

I’m not really going anywhere with this but I just am telling you about my life as it is now. I found this old picture of my mom and while it’s not dated, I think she is about 15 here and I believe I am 14 here. I do know I was a freshman in high school. The two pics reminded me of one another. What a different world we both lived in. I miss her everyday and still as I think of her, my eyes get wet even after 3 and a half years.

She would’ve hated that I posted this picture of her, but I love all my photos of her. I think she is beautiful. She had style. Just look at those glasses and that flipped up collar and can you imagine what color that shirt is? I’m guessing purples but I’ll never know. I remember my mom’s friends telling me when they were young and wanted to go out on the weekend that Mom couldn’t go because she had spent all her money on a new outfit. That’s just like her. It makes me smile and laugh to think of it.

I think I’ll post more personal photos during this month, after all this is 30 days of my life. You may just get tired of me 😉


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