rusted dragonfly wind chimes

From Mom’s house – cute wind chime that vanishes from site when the plants grow up around it

Today went by like a blur. Most days do, but since this was such a gorgeous day and I had lots to accomplish it went especially fast. I have a usual routine that I follow during the school year and this is mainly how it goes but nothing is ever set in stone:

  • 6:45 get up and get myself scrubbed and not quite so scary
  • 7:00 wake Asher up and fix his breakfast
  • 7:45 take him to school (he is a dawdler which is bad because so am I)
  • 8:15 arrive back home and answer e-mails and necessary business and home CEO kinda stuff like laundry/dishes/bleh
  • Somewhere between 8 and 11 fix food for husband, talk and catch up
  • 10 or 11:00 head for the art studio (or if grocery/errand day do that)
  • 12:30 Break for lunch unless I am really into something
  • 2:20 leave to pick Asher up from school
  • 3:10 arrive home, get snack for Asher go over his day and have Asher time
  • 5:30 start dinner, eat then clean up
  • 7:30 Help Asher with homework, shower and brush teeth
  • 8:00 ish read books in bed w/Asher and get him to sleep
  • 8:45 ish wake up usually in his bed and go plop in front of computer or TV to catch up on people and/or read about the art biz.

Wow. When you sum up your life like that it really makes you think about how anything gets done. I’ve never wrote it down like that. Notice there is not a lot of cleaning going on. Pfft. haha… that gets squeezed in here and there. My husband thinks I do nothing all day but really most of my minutes are accounted for. Sometimes my routine  of my free time allows for daydreaming if I’m particularly tired or not feeling well. But now that spring is here that means outside chores and the business of gardens beckon, like today. If only I didn’t have to sleep.

Today I added into the mix of digging up more lilies and transplanting them and feeding my roses. That ate up at least 2 hours before noon so that means something had to go and that was any cleaning up and food making for the hubs. He lived. But I did manage to get into the studio for exactly 1 hour, I’m working on a new painting which I’ll share another day. Also today, Asher had a dentist appointment which took out a big chunk of time, 3:30 – 6:45 including driving time and a stop at Rural King and Arby’s. We waited for an hour to get in to the dentist! So that meant our trampoline jumping for today was down-sized to about 10 minutes because I was exhausted. The days are getting longer and he is not coping well with his bedtime that is starting to occur during the day as he puts it. Hah! Meanwhile, I am collapsing.

Today’s post which is Day 8 of 30 days of my life was inspired by my friend Anne over at My Giant Strawberry who posted today asking what you would do with your time if you had no responsibilities. I guess someday I’ll think of it, but for now I’m happy with mine. If I didn’t have the responsibility of my cute little man, that means I wouldn’t have him so I’ll take the responsibility any day. I know someday he won’t need me and that makes me more than a little sad because right now, he thinks I hung the moon and that’s the way I like it!

rusted garden fairy

My little Garden Fairy throwing magical pixie dust on all my flowers

On a side note, this morning I woke up to tears on my pillow. I dreamed of my mom, which is not usual these days. I was in a house unknown to me and I opened up an interior door and there she was. Strangely, she was dressed in a mauve sundress, a color she would never wear. As soon as I saw her I gasped and we embraced and I cried and cried and not just happy tears, but the whole sobbing ugly cry thing. Sadness and grief enter again. I hate that. I’m sure by the amount of tears on my pillow and my hair wet that the sobbing is what woke me. That’s what I woke up to at 5:10 am and could not shake it and go back to sleep. The memory of it still is with me and it’s 10:40 at night. Happier dreams tonight.

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