The one week count down is on to my next art show… I’ve got to keep going but the sunshine and abnormal temperatures are whispering my name!! we’ve had 20 degrees above normal for the last week and it has given me summer -itis. It shriveled my tulips… but man it feels great.
I’m passing on a giveaway of a fellow blogger friend… Lulu Kellogg. She is having a giveaway of a beautiful necklace in honor of her 400th post. Make sure you stop by her blog to enter to win this little cutie shown below. While you’re at it follow her, because she’s pretty cool and has great wit.
A little news on our homefront… my husband spent the last dime plus some of our tax money 2 weeks ago and this week our transmission went out on our truck. $$$ big bucks. 🙁 Murphy strikes again.
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